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Do you want to fly like a bird?
Well you can’t
But flying a Microlight is the one of the easiest ways to pretend without having to flap your wings

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Or would you rather stay warm? Fly ultralights – just like the ones the other guys fly (except we call them “3-axis”, to be different. Learn quicker … and for a lot less.

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Airescape can sell you stuff you need! A plane? We’re agents for Airborne Microlights. Flight suit? Helmet? Gloves? GPS? Call us! We also have free stuff you need.

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newsNot much happens around here. Oh, except for the fun local training, flyaways, the overseas schools, the midwinter trip to Bright and Mount Hotham etc. etc. etc…

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Who are we? Well, with the greatest possible humility we have to admit … we’re famous.

The Chief Flight Instructor, Pete Wilson, has flown and taught in countries all over the world including China, Fiji, Cambodia, Britain, Dubai  – even Australia.

Pete flew one of two amphibious trikes in Valencia, Spain for the America’s Cup. When you run a multi-multi-million-dollar yacht race syndicate you want the very best in the world, so you go out to find them. They’re both Australian and one of them is Pete Wilson.

So in your wildest dreams, who would you like to be taught by? If you learn to fly with us, guess who  your Instructor will be …

Do you just want to fly? The thing is you can get your licence in 20 hours or so instead of the average 50 or so hours the boring sort of licence takes. And it costs a lot less per hour.

If you  plan a career in aviation you can learn in an Ultralight (a 3-axis, like the Jabiru 160).It’s the more cost-effective fast track to your General Aviation Private Pilot Licence and it’s a heap more fun.

Airescape is one of only two full time sport and recreational pilot training facilities in Australia which offer both Weightshift (Microlight) and 3-axis (Ultralight) tuition.

Airescape’s most famous student is probably Dick Smith, aviator, adventurer and businessman, jet pilot, helicopter pilot, the first man to circumnavigate the world solo in a helicopter, former Australian of the Year, Airescape student, customer and friend, who says simply

Anyone who has a wish to fly should come and fly with Peter.

We’re based in Tumut in NSW near the snow country and the Murray River. We’re not far from Canberra or Albury by air or road and only about half an hour by Ultralight from Wagga Wagga. And all the excitement of the Victorian Alps is just a couple of hours by Microlight over the border…

The landscape around Tumut is beautiful country, lots of variety, lots to see and perfect for learning to fly with very little other traffic to worry about or wait for.

We’ll take you from your first flight through your licence and then your Cross Country training. We’ll provide the theory training if you need us to (especially for Cross Country).  

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Airescape’s absolute Number One Priority is SERIOUSNESS.

Please try not to get too excited about the prospect of flying a Microlight or Ultralight aeroplane.

Of course you think it looks amazing, and naturally just thinking about it fills you with desire and anticipation. You’re thinking the sooner the better!

But you must control yourself. Aviation is a very serious endeavour indeed and must only be engaged in by deeply, deeply serious people. Any outward signs of enthusiasm must be curbed. You must fight that overwhelming sense of excitement and the inevitable expectation of pleasure.

You imagine the world opening up all around you as you take off, with no cockpit guff to get in the way of the view. Well, it does but you must deny it if questioned by the authorities.

You are not a bird but an earthbound mortal hemmed in by roads, fences, gates, traffic lights and speed limits. You have no business “flying” up there. You cannot fly like a bird, even if it really, really feels like it. You cannot go absolutely anywhere your fancy takes you. Not quite. There are constraints and flight plans and many very thick books of rules to consider every moment you are in the air.

To help you control your unavoidable exhilaration we recommend frowning from time to time and not looking too much at the astonishing and rapidly changing view (except to keep a good look-out for other aircraft).

And you will just have to pretend that being a microlight or ultralight pilot is no more interesting and no more fun than the boring business of getting from aerodrome A to landing field B in a 152 or a Warrior or whatever. Or driving to work.

If you don’t believe us, try a microlight flight with us. “Freedom? Huh! Enjoyment? Pah!” (That’s the way! Well done!)

You know, we’ve met a lot of young people of all ages who imagine that this sort of flying will make them feel really alive and open up their world, that this is the sort of experience they’ve dreamt of all this time. Poor, deluded souls!

If you don’t believe us, give us a ring, or fill out the simple contact form over on the right.

Try it out and see if we’re not dreadfully serious.

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Tumut Airport

We’re located at Tumut Airport, just 2-3 km north of beautiful Tumut town along Wee Jasper Road (aka Yass Road).
We’re quite close to Wagga Wagga and Canberra, on the edge of the Kosciusko National Park, not far from the Murray River and the Victorian border. Blowering Dam is on our doorstep. The views from the air in every direction are breathtaking! Come and visit! Or get in touch.



weather2Weather forecasts [ARFOR] for the Tumut Area can be found by selecting Area 21 and Area 22.

Note: The BoM service is not a replacement for NAIPS, for which you need an account.


Get a head start on your training. Gorge on this colourful feast from the American FAA – a very comprehensive guide to Microlight flying theory and practice. It’s non-fattening. [Right-click on the link and Save as… (or whatever your system does). It’s a big file so it might take a while to load.]

Note: This does not replace your Instructor 


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