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Most people, when they’ve discovered the amazing world of microlight flying begin thinking about the possibility of owning their own machine. You, like them, may begin to realise that you want your own. You’ll want to fly where and when you like, at a moment’s notice or just because you can. Airescape is a registered (and preferred) agent for Airborne Australia. We’ve known them for so long that we count them as friends. In fact the other pilot who flew with Pete for the Alinghi Syndicate during the last America’s Cup in Spain was one of the guys from Airborne. So we know what’s good and we can talk to them as mates about exactly what’s right for you. And if a new trike isn’t in your budget right now we can also give you great advice about the best “pre-loved” aircraft on the market. We’ll even look over your choice for you, if it’s not too inconvenient (like it’s in Perth and we’re in Fiji) and give you our professional opinion.

The same goes for Ultralights. We don’t have the agency for Jabirus or any other 3-axis manufacturers, but we certainly know a good one (and a good deal) when we see one, because we own them and fly them.

Just give us a ring and Pete will give you advice on what to look for and what to look out for. And who knows, maybe he’ll even help you swing the best deal.

Gloves? flight suits? Helmets? GPS? Give us a ring or flick us an email. The contact details are on the Contact page.




Get a head start on your training.

Gorge on this colourful feast from the American FAA – a very comprehensive guide to Microlight flying theory and practice.

It’s non-fattening.

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